5 reasons to own Benefactor Schlagen GT in GTA Online in 2023

The most recent weekly update for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is available now, and it adds a new automobile to the podium at Diamond Casino and Resort. The Benefactor Schlagen GT, which was included in the game with the Arena Wars update back in 2019, is exactly who it is. Even now, this car is a great option because it has a gorgeous design and impressive performance while costing well over a million dollars.

Thus, even if players don’t succeed in winning it this week by spinning the Lucky Wheel, they might think about buying it from Legendary Motorsport. Here are five justifications for owning the Benefactor Schlagen GT in GTA Online in 2023 after that.

Excellent top speed and 4 more reasons to own the Benefactor Schlagen GT in GTA Online in 2023

{1} Imposing design

5 reasons to own Benefactor Schlagen GT in GTA Online in 2023

In GTA Online, the Benefactor Schlagen GT’s design is a striking fusion of the Mercedes-AMG GT and the BMW Z4. It has an extended front end with attractive grilles and headlamps that give the car a rather intimidating appearance.

The cabin, despite having space for only two people, is spacious and sumptuous. The Schlagen GT’s two doors have inward bends and exit vents followed by a pretty compact rear end. This aerodynamic build helps this car in performing incredibly well, rendering it a reliable option in the game to this day.

{2} Excellent top speed

NEW Schlagen GT CUSTOMIZATION! | GTA 5 (Arena War) - YouTube

Speed is one of the most important aspects of any sports car, and the Benefactor Schlagen GT does not come up short in this department. According to performance tests conducted by popular Grand Theft Auto YouTuber, Broughy1322, the Schlagen GT’s in-game top speed is 125.50 mph or 201.97 km/h.

This lands it at the 16th spot out of the 104 sports cars in GTA Online, which signifies that the Schlagen GT is useful in a variety of situations. Whether it is going from one place to another quickly or participating in multiplayer races, players can depend on this ride without worrying.

{3} Quick acceleration

GTA 5 ONLINE - GTA 5 CARS VS REAL LIFE CARS | Schlagen GT VS Mercedes-AMG  GT - YouTube

While having a high top speed is essential for sports cars, the time it takes to get there is as crucial. The pace of a vehicle’s acceleration determines this. Thankfully, the Schlagen GT also performs admirably in this regard. On Rockstar Games’ official website, it received an acceleration rating of 92.50 out of 100, which is pretty good.

Many more advancements through customization are possible. At Los Santos Customs or other automotive workshops, players can equip this automobile with upgrades like Turbo Tuning, EMS, or Gearbox improvements for this.

{4} Great handling

Benefactor Schlagen GT GTA V for GTA San Andreas

Players can only get the best out of any car when they can keep it under control. There are many rides in the game that, although fast, spin out of control while making sharp turns. This luckily isn’t much of an issue with the Benefactor Schlagen GT in GTA Online.

Rockstar has also given it a perfect score of 100 under the handling category on its official website. Interestingly, the Schlagen GT’s Rear-Wheel-Drive layout allows it to drift; however, that can feel a little restrictive with the standard tires. This can be fixed to some extent by installing Low Grip Tires in it from the LS Car Meet.

{5} Tons of customization

5 reasons to own Benefactor Schlagen GT in GTA Online in 2023

Vehicle customization is a highly popular activity among GTA Online players in 2023. The more options a car has, the more it can be suited to its owner’s liking. The Benefactor Schlagen GT has 24 customization categories, including the performance enhancements mentioned earlier.

These modifications, such as custom grilles, exhausts, skirts, spoilers, liveries, and more, can be applied at Los Santos Customs. The cost of customizing it completely is an estimated $396,650.

Since the latest GTA Online weekly update has made it this week’s Podium Vehicle, players have an opportunity to save a lot of money and only invest in getting the best out of this ride.

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