BGMI Shining Stage crate is now live with a new weapon skin and more

BGMI Shining Stage crate is a new crate that contains a variety of new and exclusive items, including the Shining stage skin.

Battlegrounds Mobile India always brings terrific features, content, and skins. Earlier today, Krafton introduced the BGMI Shining Stage crate, bringing a new ultimate weapon and frag grenade skin. Check out the detailed information below.

On September 23, 2023, a brand-new crate known as the BGMI Shining Stage Crate was introduced to the game. There are many brand-new and unique goods in there. The in-game currency, UC, can be used to buy the Shining Stage crate. By cracking open the Classic crate, you can also get the crate for nothing.


The Shining Stage crate is a great way to obtain some of the new and exclusive items that have been added to BGMI. The crate contains a variety of items, so there is something for everyone. If you are looking to update your wardrobe or arsenal, the Shining Stage crate is a great option.

You need a key in order to open the Shining Stage container. You can buy keys with UC or get them for nothing by cracking open the Vintage box. When you have a key, go to the “Crates” area of the in-game menu to unlock the Shining Stage crate. Click the “Open” button after selecting the Shining Stage container.

The crate will open and you will receive a random item from the crate. You may receive the Shining Stage Set, one of the new weapon skins, or another item from the crate. Whether or not the Shining Stage crate is worth opening depends on your personal preferences. The crate contains a variety of new and exclusive items, but there is also a chance that you will receive an item that you do not want.

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