GTA 6 map concept merges all cities into one massive open world

GTA VI is shaping up to be one of the biggest video games of all time, and fans are desperate to see what Rockstar’s next open-world map has in store for us.When you consider the scope and scale of Red Dead Redemption 2’s open-world, the mind boggles at the thought of GTA VI.

GTA V’s Los Santos was, and still is, a huge and gorgeous world, but I think it’s fair to say after nearly ten years fans have had their fill and are craving a new virtual playground. While most reports based on recent leaks suggest GTA VI will be set mostly in Los Santos, many fans crave an adventure that connects all of the previous major locations into something larger.

Over on Reddit, it’s not uncommon for fans to create their own concept maps that combine the likes of Vice City, Los Santos, and Liberty City together. A good number of these are genuinely incredible, even it’s highly unlikely Rockstar would ever make a map that big a reality.

Just take a look at the concept map below. Can you imagine having to drive, or even fly, across this beast to get from Vice city to Liberty City? Although, as others have pointed out, it would definitely give flying vehicles more of a purpose.

It’s looking more and more likely that GTA VI will be arriving by March 2025, so hopefully there’s not much longer to wait. Just don’t get your hopes up for a map quite this big, as most reports agree the focus is on Vice City.That’s not to say Rockstar can’t eventually expand the world with post-launch updates, of course. If there’s any game out there that I think we all know is going to do well enough to justify post-release support, it’s GTA VI.

GTA 6 huge open-world map appears online, filled with multiple cities and towns

GTA VI’s open world could be one of the most detailed we’ve ever seen in a video game, if new leaks are anything to go by.As I’m sure you’re all-too painfully aware, Rockstar Games first announced GTA VI was in active development back in February 2022. Since that fateful day, we haven’t really had anything official to look over. Hence the rushing live TV shows and infamous gameplay leaks from impatient fans.

While an official map has yet to find its way online, fans have pored over the gameplay leaks from last year to create a series of reference points and put together what they believe to be the best estimation of GTA VI’s map. Turns out it’s absolutely stacked, which is good news.

GTA 6 | Arquivos vazam e Grand Theft Auto VI conta com 4 personagens  jogáveis

It’s worth pointing out that a very similar thing happened with GTA V, in that the map based on leaked info for that game turned out to be almost identical to the real thing. We’re not saying this GTA VI map should be treated as the real deal, then, but you should definitely put some stock by it.

As you can no doubt see, the GTA VI map appears to contain multiple towns, cities, and airports, along with a ton of other points of interest. It’s all but confirmed at this point that the game takes place in Vice City, but the inclusion of airports does make us wonder if the rumours we can travel to other countries is true?

Previous Grand Theft Auto games feature airports and didn’t let us go abroad of course, so we’re probably just reading too much into it.

Twitter user JediNabber wrote: “So many city areas rather than just one, I love it,” while LukeDutchh added, “From comparisons that we’ve seen, I think it’s 3x the size of the old map. Not to mention this new map will have more detailed areas and not just a load of barren wasteland.”Last we heard GTA VI is almost certainly on track to launch by March 2025 at the absolute latest, so we don’t have much longer to wait.

GTA 6 screenshot shows huge city, fans stunned by scale of open world

GTA 6 is getting closer every day, and fans are really starting to itch for something concrete to hold onto.Rockstar Games first announced that GTA VI was in active development back in February 2022. Since then? Nothing but fans rushing live TV shows and infamous gameplay leaks of an early build of the game from last summer to pick over.

While Rockstar managed to get a pretty good handle on last year’s leaks, wiping most of them from the internet, the occasional snippet has found its way back online – much to the enthusiasm of fans.

Grand Theft Auto 6 - Female Main Character, Hurricanes, Modern Day Setting  & MORE! (GTA 6) - YouTube

Reddit user HiiGuardian stumbled across a screenshot of the leaked gameplay that appears to show just how truly massive GTA VI’s open world is. Not a huge shock, given we know Rockstar has been working on this game for ten years, but it’s exciting to really get a feel for its scale.

“If you were this far from the tall buildings in GTA V, you would be outside of the metropolitan area easily,” they said in a post featuring the alleged screenshot. “While it looks like you’re still in the city here. The city seems huge.”

The Redditor goes on to point to draw distance, which could very well signal the scope of the map. It’s worth noting, of course, that the screenshot in question is from an in-development build of the game, so we shouldn’t put too much stock by it.

In other GTA VI news we recently learned that the game is all but guaranteed to release by March 2025 at the absolute latest, which means in two years we can finally stop asking Rockstar where GTA VI is. If that isn’t a step towards world peace I don’t know

GTA 6: Project Americas map and teaser blows fans awa

There’s an awful lot riding on GTA VI to deliver. More than Starfield, or The Elder Scrolls VI, I’d argue the next Grand Theft Auto is perhaps the most anticipated video game of all time. That’s gotta bring an extra level of expectation.

We’ve all known there’d be a GTA VI since GTA V came out, but we only officially learned the game was in development back in February 2022. In that time we’ve had to deal with leaks, chaos, and fans rushing live events to demand to know where the game is.

One of the most persistent rumours – which has been all but confirmed by the leaks at this point – is that GTA VI will take players back to Vice City. However, it’s also been suggested that the game will extend beyond Vice City, with multiple towns and cities. We may even go outside of America, crossing the border back and forth as we cart drugs and other naughty good between Mexico and Vice City.

GTA VI: female lead protagonist and modern Miami setting all but confirmed  - Softonic

This version of the game has been dubbed GTA VI: Project Americas by fans, and one talented gamer has actually used what we know (and have speculated) about the game so far to piece together a massive map with multiple islands and points of interest.

“I hope if we get a Florida-based GTA we can get a fake Disney World or just some kind of massive corporate theme park. We don’t even need Orlando, just a big Florida theme park” another added.“Every time some concept map comes out, I can only dream because every single one looks amazing,” a third replied.

Last we heard GTA VI is looking increasingly likely to launch March 2025 at the absolute latest, so we don’t have much longer to wait until we finally see the game in action. A reveal this year? Let’s hope s

GTA 6 is ‘worth the wait’, GTA 5 actor promises fans

There are so many incredible games set to be released in the remainder of this year. Starfield, Mortal Kombat 1, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage … I could go on. Grand Theft Auto VI is a title I’m sure fans were wishing was on that roster but you know what’s coming. We still have no clue when the highly anticipated title is set to release.

It’s still total radio silence on GTA VI from Rockstar. Fans were hoping it would make an appearance at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live – and it did, in the form of a stage crashing fan though. Rockstar confirmed they were working on the game back in February 2022, but it’s believed to have been in development for close to a decade. Last year saw the studio targeted by a major cyber attack. The leak seemingly confirmed that the game will feature dual Bonnie and Clyde style protagonists. Both 2024 and 2025 have been thrown around as potential release windows but one GTA actor is reassuring fans that the game is “worth the wait”.

Grand Theft Auto 6 to Star Latina Protagonist, Report Says - CNET

As reported by Dexerto, Ned Luke, who brought Michael De Santa to life in GTA V, shared a message with fans thanking them for their support. In the comments, one fan brought up GTA VI, writing, “That’s all we want. All of us that are waiting for and ask about it always get backlash. [It’s] us as GTA V fans that loved the game and put so much money into it and made it so successful. We get criticised for asking for a part six [after] playing the same game for nearly 10 years.”

To this, Ned said, “Gonna be worth the wait.” It’s hard to say whether the actor actually has any intel on the next instalment or whether he’s simply just confident in what Rockstar will next bring to the table.

We’ll surely hear some GTA VI news in 2024 seeing as parent-company Take-Two Interactive have been teasing a major profitable year. Hold in there GTA fans.

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