GTA 6: Project Americas map and teaser blows fans away

There’s an awful lot riding on GTA VI to deliver. More than Starfield, or The Elder Scrolls VI, I’d argue the next Grand Theft Auto is perhaps the most anticipated video game of all time. That’s gotta bring an extra level of expectation.

We’ve all known there’d be a GTA VI since GTA V came out, but we only officially learned the game was in development back in February 2022. In that time we’ve had to deal with leaks, chaos, and fans rushing live events to demand to know where the game is.

One of the most persistent rumours – which has been all but confirmed by the leaks at this point – is that GTA VI will take players back to Vice City. However, it’s also been suggested that the game will extend beyond Vice City, with multiple towns and cities. We may even go outside of America, crossing the border back and forth as we cart drugs and other naughty good between Mexico and Vice City.

This version of the game has been dubbed GTA VI: Project Americas by fans, and one talented gamer has actually used what we know (and have speculated) about the game so far to piece together a massive map with multiple islands and points of interest.“Expanded Vice City?!” asked one fan.

“I hope if we get a Florida-based GTA we can get a fake Disney World or just some kind of massive corporate theme park. We don’t even need Orlando, just a big Florida theme park” another added.“Every time some concept map comes out I can only dream because every single one looks amazing,” a third replied.

Last we heard GTA VI is looking increasingly likely to launch March 2025 at the absolute latest, so we don’t have much longer to wait until we finally see the game in action. A reveal this year? Let’s hope so.

GTA 6 dynamic weather system ‘screenshot’ floors fans

A new GTA VI leak appears to have given us a peek at the game’s dynamic weather systems, and it’s fair to say fans are excited.There’s no doubt about it: GTA VI is the most-anticipated video game of all time. So far we’ve heard the game has been in development for over a decade and will ultimately have cost around $2 billion to make before it launches (whenever that is).

GTA 6 - HUGE Info! $2,000,000,000 For Rockstar Games To Make GTA 6, NEW  Posts, Water Surfing & MORE! - YouTube

GTA VI has also been one of the leakiest games we’ve ever seen – not surprising given the hype around it. So far we’ve seen unofficial looks at one of the game’s nightclubs, the overhauled police AI in action during a car chase, and even a brief peek at the game’s brand-new (seemingly modern-day) Vice City.

Given Rockstar’s pedigree, fans have started to expect one of the most detailed open world games ever made. Just consider Red Dead Redemption 2, which was packed with a level of realistic detail some would argue bordered on unnecessary. Did horse balls really need to shrink in colder weather?

One GTA VI leaker has been sharing snippets of footage from the game, and recently teased what we can expect from Vice City’s dynamic weather systems. All they’ll say for now is that we’ll get a “multitude of weather scenarios”, but knowing the work Rockstar puts in this is likely to have a big impact on gameplay

Given that Vice City is a parody of Miami, which is based in Florida, we can safely rule out snowstorms and other, freezing conditions. Costal areas of the state are known for tropical storms and hurricanes, however, which could definitely have an interesting affect on our open-world experience.

While the screenshot provided seems to be more of a proof of concept, fans are confident Rockstar has it in them to create some game-changing weather in GTA VI. As a man who’s partial to a good bit of video game rain, I can’t wait.

GTA 6 reveal leaks are leaving fans bored and broken

We don’t even know when Grand Theft Auto VI will be released. Regardless though, consistent leaks and speculation continue to spin in the ever-rolling rumour mill.

Rockstar Games announced that it was working on GTA VI back in February 2022 and since then, we’ve not had any official substantial news. We’ve had to make do with gameplay leaks which were taken from a very early build of the game as well as talk of there being two playable protagonists inspired by the infamous crime duo Bonnie and Clyde. It’s also believed that we will return to the Miami-inspired location of Vice City once more.

The lack of substantial news from either Rockstar Games or its parent company Take-Two Interactive is leaving fans so concerned, that some actually fear that they might die before GTA VI is even released. Hopefully, it won’t come to that, right?

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At this point however, it’s difficult not to become numb to the constant thread of rumours, but with this being Grand Theft Auto, it’s near impossible not to be consumed by it all and with that in mind, fans are becoming bored and broken with all the gossip that surrounds this legendary franchise.

“September [and] October will be interesting months for Rockstar fans, including the possibility of GTA VI being announced,” tweeted the fan account GTA 6 News. Yet, the thread was not met with a lot of enthusiasm.

“We’ve been saying, ‘The next couple of months will be interesting’ for years. If you’re smart, you’ll just wait it out at this point and not get hyped until Rockstar actually announces something specific,” replied RealCyberKitten.

“Dude no, GTA VI isn’t getting announced anytime soon,” exclaimed bailey. “No. I’ll keep assuming they won’t announce it anytime soon on purpose because I’m tired of being this hopeful every month for the past year,” replied mlren7. “It’s been ten years, just release a game soon, Rockstar Games, please,” said a fed-up Maxthecurseddog.

Hopefully, Rockstar Games will put us all out of our misery soon and will reveal all in the coming months. Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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