Online Money Earning App Without Investment 2023 Earn ₹5000/Day

Online पैसे कमाने की ऐप बिना निवेश: Are you a student trying to earn some extra money? Alternatively, are you simply financially constrained and unwilling to expend your hard-earned money? No matter what your situation is, continue reading because I will list a few apps that you can use to make extra money। Everyone doesn’t like living paycheck to paycheck, especially students who have their whole life to go।

The Best App to Earn Money Online

As a result of the significant increase in college expenses, many students find themselves with little to no money left over after paying for tuition, housing, and other essential bills। If you are one of the many students who face financial difficulties but have high future goals, then this post is written for you।

Online Money Earning App Without Investment for Students

Here I’m Providing a list of the best Online Money Earning App Without Investment for Every College or school Student.

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • TaskRabbit
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Online surveys
  • YouTube
  • Let’s talk about it one by one.

Start Survey Online Free To Earn Money

Through online surveys, you can earn extra money without spending a lot of time or energy on it। Your schedule can easily include surveys that can be completed in a short time, and you can earn some extra money while you are inactive।

Find surveys with Google, install a survey application, or visit specialized websites like ySense। Depending on each survey, you can earn anything from a few cents to a lot of money। Some polls may offer gift cards or other benefits as an incentive।

List of some Popular plateform to Start Survey Online Free

  • ySense
  • Wonk
  • Meesho
  • mCent
  • Dosh
  • Databuddy
  • Userfeel
  • FeaturePoints
  • Sheroes
  • Zupee
  • Toloka
  • Swagbucks
  • Pocket Money
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • TaskBucks
  • Frizza
  • Inbox Dollars
  • EarnKaro


ySense online platform allows users to earn money in a variety of ways by completing tasks, polls, and offers। Users can view videos, complete microtasks, participate in paid surveys, and many other things। It provides individuals with a flexible method of earning extra money from the comforts of their own homes।


In slang, a “wonk” is a person who has a lot of knowledge, study, or passion about a certain subject। It suggests someone who is committed to learning and going in-depth with their field of interest।


People in India can start their own internet businesses with Meesho, a social commerce platform। यह connects retailers with suppliers, which allows retailers to market their goods on social media and earn money from sales। Meesho helps resellers grow their businesses by providing them with resources and assistance in addition to a wide range of products।


Users can benefit from the mobile app mCent by installing and using apps, participating in surveys, and watching movies, among other activities। Users can earn points, which can be converted into additional bonuses or cell recharges। It provides people with a way to benefit from their mobile devices।


Users who use Dosh’s mobile cashback software will automatically receive cashback on regular purchases। When they make purchases from participating retailers, both online and offline, users who use the app with credit or debit cards can receive rewards। Cashback rewards can be put into your bank account or used for future purchases। Dosh provides a quick way to shop and save money।


Databuddy smartphone application lets users get free mobile data by doing simple tasks। Users can receive incentives by completing surveys, downloading apps, viewing videos, and making friends with the application। Users can save money on data by trading their earned points for mobile data or recharge coupons।


Userfeel is a platform for usability testing that connects companies with real consumers so they can give feedback on their prototypes, apps, and online platforms। Users provide insightful feedback by participating in activities and sharing their thoughts while recording their screens। Firms can improve customer experience by finding opportunities to improve their digital goods। Userfeel provides a simple and effective method for conducting usability testing and collecting useful data।


Users of the mobile app FeaturePoints can earn rewards by using new apps, completing surveys, and participating in other activities। Users can earn points that can be converted into gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards। Users can earn rewards with FeaturePoints by completing various tasks and exploring new apps।


Sheroes is a platform dedicated to empowering and supporting women by giving them opportunities, resources, and a community of people who share their interests। It offers mentorship, career guidance, networking, and job opportunities। Sheroes promote gender equality and inclusivity by creating a place where women can thrive personally and professionally।


Zupee mobile gaming application allows users to participate in trivia competitions and win cash prizes। Users can choose a variety of quiz topics and compete live with other players। By answering correct questions, players can convert their points into cash incentives or gift cards। Zupee combines entertainment and competition excitement, making it a fascinating way to test your knowledge and win prizes।


Toloka, a platform for crowdsourcing, lets people pay for various microtasks। These include data labeling, picture classification, transcription, and other related tasks। Toloka helps companies and researchers efficiently outsource small jobs and collect data from people by connecting them with a global labor pool। Users can make money by participating in projects that fit their interests and skills।


Swagbucks, an online rewards system, allows users to earn points, known as “Swag Bucks,” by completing various tasks। These activities include watching movies, playing games, making online purchases, filling out questionnaires, and doing web searches। With the earned Swag Bucks, you can buy gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards। Users can enjoy simple and fun online tasks and earn prizes with Swagbucks।


Users of Pocket Money mobile application can earn money by completing tasks and taking advantage of offers। Users can earn incentives by downloading and testing out new applications,

surveys, watching movies, and other activities। You can exchange the earned money for Paytm cash, cellphone recharges, or other rewards। Users of Pocket Money have an easy way to use their smartphones to earn more money।

Google Opinion Rewards

Users can earn credits by completing surveys with the mobile application Google Opinion Rewards। Users are invited to participate in surveys based on their interests and demographics। By sharing their thoughts and reviews on Google Play Store, users can earn credits, which can be used to buy apps, games, movies, and other digital goods। With Google Opinion Rewards, users can easily and profitably share their opinions while also earning Google Play Store credits।


Users of TaskBucks smartphone app have the opportunity to win rewards by completing various tasks and activities। Users can earn money by completing surveys, downloading and testing new apps, making new friends, and other activities। Using the money you earn, you can buy prizes like Paytm cash, cellphone recharges, and more। Customers can make extra money by using their mobile devices with TaskBucks।


By completing offers and activities, users of the mobile app Frizza can receive rewards. Downloading and utilizing new apps, taking surveys, watching movies, and introducing friends to the app are all ways that users can make money. For cell recharge, Paytm cash, or other rewards, you can exchange the collected profits. Users can earn extra money using their smartphones with the help of Frizza.


Users of InboxDollars, a rewards program on the internet, can earn money by completing a variety of tasks। Users can earn money by completing surveys, watching movies, playing games, and taking advantage of offers। When users buy things online from partners, they can also get rewards। You can transfer the accumulated funds or exchange them for gift cards via PayPal। Users can use InboxDollars to make money while taking part in various online activities।

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