PUBG Mobile brings Tournament of Wonder in World of Wonder mode

Let your creativity at PUBG Mobile World of Wonder mode earn you $50,000 & crate coupons by participating in Tournament of Wonder.

PUBG Mobile 2.8 update introduced brand new features and updates in World of Wonder mode. Level Infinite brings PUBG Mobile Tournament of wonder in World of Wonder mode attracting players to show their creativity. The tournament is offering $50,000 as the prize pool of the event. Jump into the game now and participate.

Join the Tournament of Wonder in World of Wonder, WOW the Community, & get a chance at amazing rewards. To join the event visit the event center in the game and look for the WOW mode tournament.

World of Wonder Updates

  • New Creation Evaluation Feedback (Gradually made available after the version announcement)
  • Players can rate creations they’ve played on the results screen. They can also leave comments for the creators.
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  • After receiving comments, creators can view and respond to them on the creation page. Good comments can be featured and displayed to all players.
  • The creation page now shows the creation score and featured comments. Players can leave comments, LIKEs, and feedback for their creations.
  • Map Playtesting & Verification

Added map playtesting and verification. Creations that have been personally tested and played by creators will be recommended first.

Unleash your creativity and make more zombie creations with these PvE templates!

  1. Beta Creation Gameplay Description
  • Infinite Roguelike: Cooperate with multiple players to fend off waves of zombies to achieve victory. Randomly gain buff effects like speed boosts and scorching ammo between waves.
  • Classic Boxing Arena 4v4 Team Battle (Zombie Edition): Defeat zombies on the boxing ring to earn coins for weapon upgrades, and achieve victory by eliminating a specific number of opponents.
  • Air Raid Shelter Stealth: Use a flashlight to observe and stealthily navigate the pitch-black shelter while avoiding terrifying zombies. Reach the destination safely to achieve victory.
  • Companion Dash: Transform into a companion and engage in thrilling races between adorable critters.
  • Car Racing: Drive a sports car and enjoy the thrill of speeding on the racetrack! Reach the finish line first to achieve victory.

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