Rockstar Games gives huge discounts on select GTA Online vehicles until September 6, 2023

Players can immediately take advantage of incredible discounts on some of the top in-game automobiles thanks to Rockstar Games’ August 31 GTA Online update. You may play the game from now through September 6, 2023, and save a tonne of money by buying automobiles from companies like Declasse, Vapid, Ubermacht, HVY, Canis, and even Benefactor.

During the event, a couple of the Arena War vehicles are also being sold at steep discounts.

This is the perfect time to buy new GTA Online vehicles (September 3 – September 6)

This week, Rockstar Games is giving all motorheads a terrific opportunity by offering steep discounts on a number of GTA Online automobiles. On this week’s featured choice, you can get savings of up to 50%. The full list of vehicles available for purchase in the game up until September 6, 2023 is provided below:

Which is the best GTA Online vehicle to buy at a discount this week?

With all the options you have this week, purchasing the Benefactor Terrorbyte, a four-seater hacker truck that is categorised as a military vehicle, will be the sensible investment. The real-life Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6 Expedition vehicle served as inspiration for what is effectively a sizable mobile command centre.

The truck has an undisclosed diesel engine that is coupled to a 6-speed transmission in a rear-wheel drive configuration to deliver performance. The Terrorbyte excels in terms of usefulness despite having a top speed of 87.25 mph (140.41 km/h). After purchasing GTA Online Nightclubs, you can go to the Warstock Cache & Carry and buy the Terrorbyte to gain access to a number of features, including:

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(1) A touchscreen computer inside the vehicle from where you can undertake Steal and Resupply missions for all of your currently owned businesses out of the following list:

(2) An optional Drone Station from where you can operate drones.

(3) An optional Turret Station to eliminate targets simultaneously, thanks to its Multi-lock missile battery.

(4) An optional Weapon Workshop to upgrade select in-game weapons to their Mk II variants.

(5) An optional Specialised Workshop to store and upgrade the Oppressor Mk II hoverbike.

(6) A wardrobe next to the touchscreen area to change outfits easily.

It won’t be shocking if Rockstar included the Terrorbyte in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 as well, given the variety of advantages it provides.

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