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The Nun 2 Download Hindi 720p, 480p: The Nun II is an upcoming horror film continuing the story of demonic nun Valak from The Conjuring 2 and The Nun. Part of The Conjuring Universe franchise based on the Warrens’ paranormal cases, it will be the ninth installment.

The Nun II will explore Valak’s origins and powers, as well as the fates of Sister Irene and Frenchie from the previous film’s encounter with the evil entity.

The Nun II (2023)

Thе Nun II is dirеctеd by Michaеl Chavеs, who hеlmеd thе third Conjuring film. Thе scrееnplay is writtеn by Ian Goldbеrg, Richard Naing, and Akеla Coopеr, basеd on a story by Coopеr. Thеy havе dеvеlopеd thе charactеrs crеatеd by Jamеs Wan and Gary Daubеrman for thе moviе. Pеtеr Safran and Jamеs Wan rеturn to producе, having workеd on all prеvious Conjuring moviеs.

Thе sеquеl is sеt in 1956 Francе, four yеars aftеr thе first film. A priеst is brutally murdеrеd in a town. Sistеr Irеnе, who survivеd hеr еncountеr with thе dеmon Valak, is sеnt to invеstigatе along with Frеnchiе. Both facеd Valak prеviously. Thеy discovеr thе sinistеr nun is bеhind thе killing and sprеading еvil in thе town. Irеnе and Frеnchiе must facе thеir fеars and stop Valak bеforе morе horrors arе unlеashеd.

Movie NameThe Nun 2
GenreGothic supernatural horror
Directed byMichael Chaves
Edited byGregory Plotkin
StarringTaissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Storm Reid, Anna Popplewell, Bonnie Aarons
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
Release dateSeptember 8, 2023

The Nun 2 Movie Cast

The Nun II features a mix of returning and new cast members. Taissa Farmiga reprises her role as Sister Irene, a young nun who has visions of Valak and is determined to stop her. Jonas Bloquet returns as Maurice “Frenchie” Theriault, a French-Canadian farmer who helps Sister Irene and becomes infected by Valak’s curse. Bonnie Aarons plays Valak, the demon nun who is the main antagonist of the film.

Taissa FarmigaSister Irene
Jonas BloquetMaurice “Frenchie” Theriault
Bonnie AaronsValak
Storm ReidDebra
Anna PopplewellMarcella
Suzanne BertishMadame Laurent
Léontine dOncieuSimone
Anouk Darwin HomewoodCeleste

The Nun 2 Movie Release Date and Time

The Nun II is scheduled to be released on September 8, 2023 in North America and internationally beginning September 6, 2023. The movie will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. The movie was originally slated to be released on July 8, 2022, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The movie will have a runtime of 110 minutes and will be rated R for violent content and some terror. The movie will be available in standard format, IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and 4DX.

The Nun 2 Movie Trailer

The official trailer for The Nun II was released in late July 2023 to great popularity. As of August 31st, it had been viewed over 28 million times and liked over 313 thousand times on YouTube and other platforms.

The trailer gives audiences a terrifying first look at some of the scenes, including Valak appearing in various forms and Sister Irene wrestling with visions of the demon’s past. It also teases Frenchie’s struggle with possession, victims being stalked and attacked, and a climactic confrontation between Irene and the sinister nun.

The trailer ingeniously uses the romantic big band tune “Moonlight Serenade” to contrast with and accentuate the disturbing visuals. Sung beautifully by Mark Maxwell, the melody underscores and intensifies the horror unfolding on screen.

How to Watch The Nun 2 Movie Online?

To watch “The Nun II” movie online, you’ll need an active subscription to HBO Max or another streaming service that offers the movie in your area. You’ll also need a compatible device like a smart TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and a stable internet connection.

To access HBO Max, you can visit their official website or use their app. You can also stream HBO Max on your TV using devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, and others. The subscription cost for HBO Max is $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year. If you’re a new user, you can take advantage of a free trial for seven days.

If you prefer to watch “The Nun II” on other streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the process is similar. You’ll need to check if the movie is available on these platforms in your region and subscribe accordingly.

The Nun 2 Movie Download in Hindi

Horror movie fans in India are eagerly awaiting the release of The Nun 2, the latest installment in The Conjuring universe. While the movie is scheduled to release in theaters on September 8, 2023, many are looking for options to download The Nun 2 in Hindi shortly after its theatrical run.

Given the popularity of the franchise in India, there is likely to be high demand for The Nun 2 Hindi dubbed version for audiences who prefer watching Hollywood films in their native language. Though downloading copyrighted content illegally does not align with ethical practices, it is likely that pirated prints of The Nun 2 Hindi dubbed version will become available on torrent sites post the movie’s release, like other major Hollywood films. The producers will surely aim to make the official Hindi dubbed version available soon on streaming platforms for wider reachable accessibility in India.


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